Business Program

Explore Personalized Learning and Peer Collaboration.

Our interactive live group training sessions are designed to enhance your learning experience through expert-led workshops and the collective intelligence of peer collaboration. These elements are foundational to the Business Program, creating a supportive environment where practical knowledge meets innovative peer-driven insights.

Upcoming Program Dates: 03 Oct – 14 Nov 2024
Time: 19.00-21.00 (Amsterdam time)

From 2,249 Euros

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Your Co-Pilot on The Path to Personal and Business Success with Business Coaching

I’m Suzi, a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor, and I have been where you are now. I’ve navigated the challenges of building businesses from the ground up.

My approach combines practical strategies with empathetic mentoring to guide you through each step of your business journey.

Live Group Training and Mastermind Sessions

Business Program for Women: Highlights

Interactive Live Training

Engage directly with 6 comprehensive, live sessions where Suzi imparts crucial business knowledge and insights.

These interactive workshops focus on applying practical skills to real-world business scenarios, helping you to immediately implement what you learn into your own business operations.

121 Business Program

1-to-1 Sessions

Take a deep dive with two private personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals. These sessions provide focused support, expert insights, and actionable strategies. Gain clarity, build confidence, and achieve your objectives, ensuring every step aligns with your vision for success.

Suzi Personalised Guidance

Expert Guidance from Suzi

Receive personalized mentoring from Suzi, who brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience to each session.
Suzi’s tailored advice helps address your unique business challenges, ensuring you have the support needed to navigate your entrepreneurial journey successfully.


What You Will Learn and Achieve

Live Training on Key Business Pillars:

Mindset: Strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset to enhance resilience and drive.

Business Model: Learn to structure your business for adaptability and growth.

Marketing: Develop and refine effective marketing strategies tailored to your market segment.

1-to-1 Focus Areas:

Problem Solving: Address specific business challenges through tailored, one-to-one coaching that offers effective solutions.

Goal Setting: Establish and refine your business goals with a clear, actionable plan, supported by dedicated, personalized guidance.

Resource Sharing: Access valuable tools, insights, and strategies to enhance your business effectiveness and efficiency through customized coaching sessions.

Business Development Training for Women

If you’ve felt stuck or overwhelmed, it’s time for a change. Our holistic guidance works from the inside out, changing how you think, perceive, and act to achieve genuine and lasting success.

Imagine running a business that not only meets your professional goals but also aligns with your personal life, bringing you fulfilment, balance, and peace of mind. Let’s start your journey with a foundation that supports both personal and professional growth, helping you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Ready to Transform?

Join Us Today and start paving the way to personal and professional success.

Suzanne L’Ami

Business Coach

What our clients say…
Business Coaching Client

My coaching sessions with Suzi were very pleasant. She is passionate and thinks along with your needs.
You notice she has hands-on experience as an entrepreneur, she is open-minded and gives you lots of tips and options to work with.

Iris van Ree