Embracing Change: How Taking a Leap of Faith Transformed My Life

Escaping the Italian Standstill: Overcoming Challenges and Paving towards a New Future


Three years ago, amidst the gripping pandemic, I found myself in Italy, a country at the forefront of Europe’s battle against the virus. The uncertainty was overwhelming, but within the chaos, I chose to create an adventure out of it, and steer my life into another direction. One that I chose and that was aligned with my ideal lifestyle.

An Adventure Amidst Crisis

Everyone was stuck at home, only allowed to leave for valid reasons and armed with a piece of paper to prove it. Police checks were everywhere and the constant sound of ambulance sirens filled the air. But I refused to enter any supermarket, too scared of contamination. I had already been through the 8.9 earthquake in Chile and had a grasp of what it meant to face shortages of supplies and broken supply chains. So, I prepared myself with 4 months of food supplies and over 100 kilos of dog food

Through the woods and fields, I found a way to reach a bio farm, took a backpack with me and returned home with an abundance of healthy grown foods. I even took a dog with me for protection, but that turned out to be an adventure of its own as we had to fight off ferocious Maremmano dogs on the way. I also collected firewood as my supply was running out and didn’t want to order a new load for just a brief period.

Personal Insights

However, all these adventures came to an abrupt end when I got stopped by the police and subsequently asked the farm to do home-delivery. And somewhere in all this worldly chaos, I suddenly got struck by a message or an insight… “YOU ARE STUCK SUZI – YOU NEED TO MOVE.”

That’s when I realized that I had been feeling stuck for a while. I had been living in Italy for five years, running my own businesses, but I knew it was time for a change. I needed a new challenge and a change of scenery.

Reflections and Decisions

After five years in Italy, navigating entrepreneurship and personal milestones, I stood at a crossroads. The picturesque B&B in the woods near Rome, the remote management of my Chilean tour company, and the Language & Communication Training – they all whispered of a chapter closing. I had outgrown this phase, realizing it was time for the next evolution.

Choosing for Change

The decision wasn’t simple, but I chose the unfamiliar. Spain beckoned with promise, even amid lockdowns. With my tribe of animals, 5 dogs, 2 cats and a horse, comparable to Noah’s Ark, I ventured into unknown territories, ready to rewrite my story.

A Holistic Journey

Today, as a Holistic Business & Life Consultant, I draw upon over 15 years of entrepreneurial acumen and personal transformation. I understand the suffocating feeling of stagnation, as well as the exhilaration of embracing change. And I understand very well from personal experience the questions and fears of my clients:

Countless times I have asked myself What if I fail?; How can I find the motivation to keep going?; How will this impact my relationship?; What will my family say?; How can I become more focused?; How can I set up a business amidst the challenges of daily life?; What steps should I take to start or grow my business?; Where should I focus given my current stage? Nonetheless, through personal leadership and perseverance, I have managed to navigate my life successfully through these periods of doubt.

Take the Reins of your Life into your own Hands

Feeling trapped and lacking purpose can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. I understand how frustrating and discouraging it can be. That’s why in my work today, I use my own journey as a toolkit, to provide you with the tools, support, and guidance you need to take control and get into the driver’s seat of your life. Together, we can map out a new direction and help you move towards a future that you have personally architected. I use the method of reverse engineering, visualization and a sprinkle of manifestation.

Personal Leadership

Have you ever taken a moment to consider what your ideal life looks like? Have you dared to dream about your aspirations for your dream business? Take a moment to reflect on your desires and how you can align your business endeavors with the lifestyle you desire.

In my work, I intend to guide you through a journey of personal growth, managing the loneliness, stress and uncertainty that tend to accompany such processes. Let’s start your growth journey by paving the foundation of a new mindset in order to create your path to personal and professional success.

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Meet Suzi – Your Personal Guide

Welcome! I’m Suzi, your co-pilot on the path to personal and business success. 

I enjoy embarking on new adventures and being in nature. I live in an eco-off-grid house in the Spanish mountains with my 2 horses, 4 dogs and 2 cats. 

My life has taken an unusual path; starting as an entrepreneur in 2013, I had the chance to call 10 different countries my home.

On this journey, I discovered the foundations for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. I create a safe space for deep conversations, allowing you to be seen and heard. Through formal training and qualifications, I maximised positive outcomes for my clients, guiding them on their journey of growth.
I bring a unique blend of ambition, honesty, and playfulness to empower individuals who refuse to settle for less. As an experienced entrepreneur and skilled life consultant, I combine my practical wisdom, creative insights, and holistic approach to help you achieve your goals.

Discover the magic of blending entrepreneurial expertise and life coaching to nurture your personal and professional growth through a holistic approach.