The Right Business for the Right Foundation: Online Workbook & Interactive Training

Real-Time Learning and Community

Get ready for a journey of real-time interaction and growth with our live group training sessions. These sessions are designed to complement the comprehensive self-study provided in the workbook, allowing you to engage deeply with each topic while gaining invaluable insights from your coach and peers.

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Your Co-Pilot on The Path to Personal and Business Success with Business Coaching

I’m Suzi, a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor, and I have been where you are now. I’ve navigated the challenges of building businesses from the ground up.

My approach combines practical strategies with empathetic mentoring to guide you through each step of your business journey.


What to Expect

Weekly Sessions

Engage in six 2-hour in-depth group sessions that are designed to nurture learning, interaction, and practical application.

Collaborative Environment

Join a community of like-minded, ambitious women for networking and support and gain invaluable insights from your coach and peers.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Coverage

Topics include developing a resilient mindset, crafting compelling business models, marketing strategies, web and tech insights, and growth techniques.

Business Coaching Services

Your Empowerment Toolkit

Comprehensive Workbook:
Dive into our 104-page guide crafted to bring clarity and structure to your entrepreneurial journey, paving the way from conception to success.

Interactive Live Group Training:
Participate in dynamic, real-time sessions where you can dissect business scenarios, interact directly with experts, and receive personalized feedback.

Dedicated Personal Support:
Benefit from continuous, customized support that addresses your unique challenges, accelerating your path to growth.

Detailed Session Breakdown

Mindset Workbook

Session 1: The Right Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Engage in dynamic activities that challenge and expand your entrepreneurial mindset by using proven methods.

Learn the best strategies to manage stress and maintain motivation, even under pressure.

Participate in role-plays to practise resilience and adaptive thinking in business scenarios.

Session 2: Honing Your Business Model

Collaborate in small groups to critique and refine each other’s business models.

Utilize tools to analyze market data and trends, applying what you learn to enhance your business model’s effectiveness.

Gain insights into sustainable business practices that can scale with your growth.

Session 3: Perfecting Your Offer

Workshop your current product or service offerings with peer and coach feedback.

Explore case studies of successful product launches and understand the key elements that made them successful.

Practice pitching your product/service to the group, receiving constructive critiques.

Session 4: Innovative Marketing Strategies

Dive into the psychology of marketing and learn how to create messages that resonate.

Explore the latest digital marketing tools and platforms, learning how to use them effectively to reach your audience.

Develop a mini-marketing plan during the session, with feedback from Suzi and peers.

Session 5: Web & Tech Essentials

Hands-on guidance on building or refining your website with user experience in mind.

Learn about essential tools for automating your business processes to save time and reduce errors.

Discover how to secure your online business data from common security threats.

Session 6: Growth Planning and Execution

Plan for the future with scalable strategies that anticipate market changes and consumer trends.

Discuss real-world growth challenges and brainstorm solutions with the group.

Create a growth action plan with milestones, ready to implement in your business.

Business Training for Women

If you’ve felt stuck or overwhelmed, it’s time for a change. Our holistic guidance works from the inside out, changing how you think, perceive, and act to achieve genuine and lasting success.

Imagine running a business that not only meets your professional goals but also aligns with your personal life, bringing you fulfilment, balance, and peace of mind. Let’s start your journey with a foundation that supports both personal and professional growth, helping you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Ready to Transform?

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Suzanne L’Ami

Business Coach

What our clients say…
Business Coaching Client

My coaching sessions with Suzi were very pleasant. She is passionate and thinks along with your needs.
You notice she has hands-on experience as an entrepreneur, she is open-minded and gives you lots of tips and options to work with.

Iris van Ree