Design Your Life

Taking Action for a Different Path

Embrace Change, Seize Opportunities, and Ignite Personal Transformation

Do you find yourself caught in the day-to-day routine of work, bills, family obligations, and responsibilities? Is it possible that in this process, you’ve lost touch with your vision, passions, and dreams? Could this be a factor contributing to feelings of resignation and a diminishing of your inner spark? Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Do you find yourself not knowing which way to go, wasting time and energy? 
  • Are you having trouble making decisions because there are too many options, leaving you tired and not making progress? 
  • Are you experiencing problems like procrastination, feeling tired all the time, or reacting strongly to things? 
  • Do you often try to make things perfect and end up focusing on the problems instead of finding solutions? 
  • Are you caught in a cycle of having too much to do and feeling trapped and overwhelmed? Have you tried different courses, coaching programs, or self-help books, but they didn’t give you the results you wanted? 
  • Do you set big goals without a clear plan and end up feeling disappointed? 

Are you drawn to quick fixes you see on social media, but then find out they don’t really change things in the long run?

Starting Your Personal Transformation

Begin by stepping away from feeling like a victim, tired of letting yourself down. As you look back, you see that every twist in your life has had a purpose. Your life’s pieces come together to form a path of experiences. Now, instead of just seeing problems, you notice the chance to grow and learn. Notice that  obstacles and challenges  have been stepping stones for your personal and professional growth. Having reframed your past experiences, even though tough times might keep happening, now you see them as lessons. After each challenge, something even better is waiting for you.

Society’s Influence

Have you ever had a moment of realization that the way you view the world is shaped by external influences? Your ideas about success, relationships, work, and life itself are shaped by your family, society, and culture.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that they’re not satisfied with a world dictated by their parents, society, and rules set by those in power. This realization can make you feel stuck, like you’re confined within a box. You recognize that the traditional way of doing things doesn’t align with your true self. But this realization is a turning point. You can create your own version of the world with your own rules. A world where you can feel happier, more free and where you can grow and learn as a person.

Adopting a new Mindset

Your mindset shapes how you approach life. It influences your happiness, success, relationships with others and yourself, emotional wellbeing, and the overall fulfillment of your existence. Your mindset directly impacts your behavior. If you desire personal growth, improved behavior, and a higher quality of life, it’s necessary to modify your way of thinking and beliefs. If your current reality doesn’t resonate with you, initiating change must start from within. Once you start to change your way of thinking, people and the world around you will respond accordingly. Our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and outcomes are interconnected.

My Personal Journey

In 2008, I began this journey. I stepped away from conventional norms and chose to live authentically. I said no to a political career, challenged parental expectations, and took a different path than the usual route to success in my country. I declined marriage proposals and chose not to have children. These decisions brought about significant changes in my life. I explored different parts of the world, launched businesses on three continents, and lived in ten countries. I crafted my own unique story.

Perseverance, Personal Leadership, Focus, and Discipline

Remember, embarking on a personal transformation requires perseverance, personal leadership, focus, and discipline. By acknowledging the power of your mindset and making conscious choices, you can shape your own path. As you journey towards a life aligned with your authentic self, consider diving deeper into the workbook on Mindset to guide and support your evolution.

Imagine yourself on a journey of personal transformation.
Picture yourself having the determination to keep going, even when things get tough.
Imagine taking the lead in your own life, making decisions that guide you towards what truly matters to you.
Envision staying focused on your goals and showing discipline even when distractions arise.

Now, consider the role of your mindset in all of this.
How do your thoughts and beliefs shape your actions?
What conscious choices could you make to create the life you want?
Can you envision yourself crafting a path that aligns with your authentic self, step by step?

As you venture on this path of personal growth, have you thought about exploring the Mindset Workbook? It’s a meticulously crafted workbook with self-reflecting questions and insights as a start or deep dive into your personal transformation. Check it out here.

Meet Suzi – Your Personal Guide

Welcome! I’m Suzi, your co-pilot on the path to personal and business success. 

I enjoy embarking on new adventures and being in nature. I live in an eco-off-grid house in the Spanish mountains with my 2 horses, 4 dogs and 2 cats. 

My life has taken an unusual path; starting as an entrepreneur in 2013, I had the chance to call 10 different countries my home.

On this journey, I discovered the foundations for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. I create a safe space for deep conversations, allowing you to be seen and heard. Through formal training and qualifications, I maximised positive outcomes for my clients, guiding them on their journey of growth.
I bring a unique blend of ambition, honesty, and playfulness to empower individuals who refuse to settle for less. As an experienced entrepreneur and skilled life consultant, I combine my practical wisdom, creative insights, and holistic approach to help you achieve your goals.

“Discover the magic of blending entrepreneurial expertise and life coaching to nurture your personal and professional growth through a holistic approach.”