Trapped in a Relationship

Rinse and Repeat

Some years ago, I found myself in a long-standing relationship with an individual I crossed paths with while residing in Chile. Our connection blossomed under unique “expat circumstances,” leading me to believe this was my forever.

Life was thriving – his income was steady, I managed my Boutique Tour Company concurrently (still remotely to this day), I indulged in yoga, cherished my friendships…

Life seemed perfect, until it didn’t

Ample supplies of exquisite Chilean wine, breathtaking panoramas, a charming mountaintop residence overlooking Santiago…

My beloved pets – dogs and cats – my journeys… Everything one could wish for, yet I felt a sense of monotony creeping in.

Monotony in the relationship, mental stagnation… ennui had taken hold! I yearned for some excitement, for the joy of discovery… I longed for the fire of love, the profound connection that seemed to be slipping away.

Craving novelty, the allure of challenges… Anything but that TEDIOUS ROUTINE…

The clock ticked on, years passed, we shared pleasant moments, and I convinced myself it was going to be a looong stretch till we were retirees amusingly navigating wheelchairs 😅

Predictability reigned… Until a twist of fate, a negative incident, became my “reason” to part ways. He inadvertently provided the metaphorical stick for me to break free, and I seized the opportunity. I walked away, shouldering the responsibilities of the household and the cherished pets (now in Italy).

This was a monumental choice, laden with substantial financial repercussions… It entailed waving goodbye to ALL MY SAVINGS.

…Yet, what mattered most… I saved myself from an UNFULFILLING existence, a life misaligned with my true self.

And then… New chapters began to unfold.

I honed my creative MacGyver skills while residing solo in the woods, delved into full-fledged exploration mode, rediscovered my mojo and zest for adventure, experienced the ebbs and flows of affection, launched a Boutique Bed & Breakfast in the outskirts of Rome as a fresh venture, mastered the art of pasta-making, and encountered remarkable souls ❤️


✔ If the relentless cycle of routine has you ensnared,

✔ If your annual vacation is the highlight of your year,

✔ If work, bills, family, or other demands consume your well-being,

✔ If melancholy or frustration shroud the life you envisioned,

✔ If you yearn to start or expand your entrepreneurial journey,

✔ And if CHANGE is calling for you, though you’re unsure where to commence…

Permit me to lead you back to YOUR SPARK, to rekindle that INNER FIRE and REVIVE your enthusiasm for the future…

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