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…help your friends, and earn some passive income with our Ambassador Program!

Welcome to my Ambassador Program! This is an exciting opportunity for you to join my mission in empowering ambitious women on their journeys towards personal and professional growth. As a boutique business and life consultant, I provide tailored guidance, strategies, and tools to help women design a life and career that aligns with their unique goals.

Our Ambassador Program allows you to earn passive income while helping me to reach more women who can benefit from my services. Plus, you’re doing your part in helping your friends, colleagues, or network members achieve their dreams and succeed in life and business! Learn more about my business program before you get started.

Join Suzi's ambassador program

How does the Ambassador Program work?

If you’re on this page, we probably already know each other, so we don’t need to make things too complicated!

Here’s how my ambassador program can earn you a little extra cash:

  • Share your newfound growth with your network - Refer Me

    Talk to anyone you think might be interested in my services—friends, colleagues, or anyone in your network who is seeking personal and professional growth.

  • Connect and share your referral with me - Connect Us

    Send me a message letting me know about your referral. You can also email me directly with your referral cc’d in, introducing them to my services.

  • Get 10% from every referral (NO CAP!) - Earn Your Reward

    If your referral signs up for any of my services, I’ll let you know, get your bank details, and send you 10% of the package they signed up for as a thank you for your recommendation!

What are the benefits of the Ambassador Program?

Build a Stronger Network: Being an Ambassador allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for personal and professional development. It’s a chance to expand your network and foster valuable relationships.

Earn Passive Income: As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn extra cash effortlessly. You’ll receive a 10% commission for every referral who signs up for Suzi’s services, with no cap on your potential earnings.

Be Part of a Mission: Joining Suzi’s Ambassador Program means you become a part of her mission to empower women in achieving their dreams and succeeding in life and business. It’s a fulfilling way to contribute to a greater cause.

Access to Exclusive Content: Suzi may offer Ambassadors access to exclusive content, resources, or insights that can further enhance your personal and professional development journey.

Support and Guidance: As an Ambassador, you’ll have Suzi’s support and guidance whenever you need it. You can count on her expertise to assist you in your ambassadorial journey.

Ready to earn some extra cash?

Let’s get started! Send me a message with your referral, or click below to arrange a call to discuss.