Reconnect with a nature retreat

Your journey to self-discovery: A unique nature retreat for women

Unplug from the chaos of daily life and embark on a soul-enriching retreat nestled in the heart of nature in Spain.

Join me for an immersive experience designed exclusively for ambitious women seeking to rediscover their true selves and make the practical changes that transform their personal and professional lives with a nature retreat for women.

our client on a nature retreat for women

Discover the magic…

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of our nature retreat, where the symphony of birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves create a tranquil backdrop for your journey of self-discovery.

Unwind amidst the abundance of wildlife, finding solace in the company of friendly animals that roam freely, and discover your path to a life you truly love.

personal development with suzi

Ignite your inner light with my nature retreat for women

Experience the power of deep-dive coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs. With me as your personal guide, let’s take things to the next level for you.

Whether you want to discuss personal or professional endeavours, or develop to the next level as a person I offer tailored guidance, tools and strategies to help women like you flourish.

Freedom to be

At our nature retreat for women, there is no rigid program; you have the freedom to design your days according to your preferences and do as little or as much as you wish. Embrace your own rhythm and spend your days according to your preferences – sleep, read, write, take walks, or simply relax by the pool.

Whether you seek solace in quiet contemplation, are looking for support and inspiration to launch a new business, or to engage in inspiring conversations with me as your life and mindset consultant to gain clarity on your next steps, the choice is yours at our nature retreat for women. Disconnect from the demands of the outside world and reconnect with your true essence.

As women, we often don’t have the opportunity to take time for ourselves, but this retreat is the perfect chance to do just that.

Nature as your guide

Let the natural surroundings become your inspiration and guide at our nature retreat for women. Spend time with my horses, feeling their gentle energy, or accompany me at the end of the day for a walk with the dogs. You can also join me for a horseback ride through breathtaking landscapes, connecting with nature in a profound and transformative way. Observe the abundant wildlife, sit in stillness, and allow the beauty of nature to awaken your senses.

A journey that lasts

My nature retreat is not just a momentary escape. It is a transformative experience that plants seeds of growth within you. The insights, wisdom, and connections you cultivate during your time with me will continue to blossom long after you return to your daily life. Embrace the inner shift that will empower you to create a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfilment.

The Back To Herself Nature Retreat Program

personal development

Our sessions take place outdoors, at a wooden table overlooking the horses’ paddock.

  • 2 Hours of Deep-Dive Coaching
  • Accommodation

During your 4-nights / 5-days retreat, you will have two hours of deep-dive coaching/ mentoring sessions with me in total.

These sessions are personalized to address any topics that arise or keep you awake, such as work, health, intimacy, finance, fears, and self-esteem.


4 Nights / 5 Days – 650 EUR

Coaching Included!

Nature retreat for women


The Back to Herself Nature Retreat is situated in a serene natural setting, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and abundant wildlife.

It is conveniently located just a one-hour drive from Alicante Airport, towards Altea.

getting to our nature retreat for women

Getting here

You have the option to rent your own car for easy transportation or arrange to be picked up from the airport. The retreat’s tranquil location provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty of nature during your journey.

What’s included in the nature retreat?

  • Private accommodation with a choice of the cozy “Squirrel House” cabin or the charming “Unicorn Experience Bell-Tent”
  • Private outdoor facilities including a kitchen, shower, and ecological toilet
  • 2 hours of deep-dive coaching/mentoring sessions tailored to your needs
  • Use of facilities, including the pool
  • Electricity and Wi-Fi access
  • Towels, bed linen, and pool towels provided

…And what’s not included

  • Transportation (140 EUR round trip from the airport)
  • Horseback rides (85 EUR for a 2-hour ride)
  • Additional coaching sessions (125 EUR per hour)
  • Massage sessions (35 EUR per session)
  • Yoga lessons (10 EUR per lesson)
  • Food, drinks, and groceries
availability at our nature retreat for women


The Back to Herself Nature Retreat is available from April to October each year.

Due to the popularity of the retreat, I recommend making your reservations early, as spaces tend to fill up quickly.

Testimonials from my nature retreat guests

Business Coaching Client

“I cannot describe how grateful and happy I am to have spent a week with you and your animals at your Nature Retreat. You have given me so many new insights in all areas of my life (business and private), I will take all of this with me.

And it is exactly as you describe: the experiences you gain during this week will stay with you for a long time when you are back in your own environment. I haven’t had a week where it’s all about me in a long time.

Decide for yourself what you do, when you do this, don’t take anything into account, only yourself. Completely relax in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the little things and don’t experience pressure. This is incredibly precious and this has definitely impressed me.

Thanks for everything. I never wanted to miss this experience and I will definitely come back!


Business Coaching Client

“Spending time with Suzi is like a balm for your soul. You don’t have to pretend, just be yourself. With all of your baggage – your fears, your sorrow, your ideas and dreams.

I have known Suzi for quite some time and followed her adventures. I assume it’s what gives me confidence that I can trust her with my issues. As a coach, as a strong woman and a friend she is invaluable to me. 

Her home is so beautiful and peaceful that you can regain your energy and strength in no time.

As an animal lover, all the dogs and cats and horses are a huge plus. No judgment, just love.”

Andrea Spickermann

Business Coaching Client

“My Nature Retreat with Suzi was fantastic.

I was looking for peace. The rest I needed to recover from years of setting the bar a bit high.

With Suzi, I could finally find that peace again.

In this peace and quiet, we finally managed to enjoy ourselves again. Of the beautiful place, the green oasis and the animals. Nice walk, yoga, a massage; it was all possible. It was so nice that I even extended the stay a bit.

The coaching conversations were an important part of this. As a Life Coach, Suzi asks the right questions and knows exactly the right things to work on.

Suzi’s coaching puts the focus back on regaining control, step by step.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Nature Retreat and Life Coaching with Suzi to anyone who wants to relax, put things in order, and create a vision of the future.”

Manja den Heijer

Join me

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reconnect with nature like never before? Reserve your spot at my exclusive Back to Herself Nature Retreat today and take the first step back to yourself.

Let nature, my animals and myself be your guide on this fantastic inner journey.

Meet my nature retreat team

nature retreat animals


Stinkey Spanky….my first dog!

He invited himself into my life, knowing la Dolce Vita in Italia was waiting for him! In 2009 on the way back home I spotted him beside the road in the mountains around Santiago, alone but very sociable. He didn’t want any food, he just kept jumping to lick my ear. When I sat down again to drive off, he jumped on my lap. I gently pushed him out, to which he then decided to go over to the driver’s side and run after the car… so…

nature retreat animals


Lenieminie is the cutest cat I have ever owned; her name is related to the fact she is such a tiny little creature.

I stole her with permission from my previous neighbour in Chile and nursed her back to health after a grave incident. Due to a missing socket of her hipbone and a past broken shin bone she has a limp but that doesn’t impede her from running around like a little lunatic!

She loves female visitors, will claim their lap instantly and purrs so loud it echoes through the room.

nature retreat animals


At the beginning of 2009 I also found Streepje. He was residing in the garbage where local people also had put a little maria prayer statue.

One day I took a beach bag and some food with me, and when he was eating I grabbed him by the neck, put him in the bag, zipped him up and abducted him to my home. Once home I told him that he was still completely free, only that now he was in a safe place and there would always be food and water for him. He never left. Streepje likes to go for walks with the dogs on the property and sleep in front of the fireplace. His water is always served on the kitchen table.. he would not have it any other way!

nature retreat animals


Santos is a character and on one hand his name does not suit him, and on the other hand he is very balanced.

He is mischievous, loves to hang around with everyone, will have a nap next to you on the lawn and when he is free on the property. Don’t be surprised to find him helping you unload the groceries from the car 🙂 He actually thinks he is a big dog and behaves as such. Santos comes from Spain, an Andalusian horse and extremely intelligent. He has a heart of gold and loves foraging on the property.

nature retreat with animals


I was looking for a horse friend for Santos when I came across Domingo.

He arrived on a Sunday, so it seemed appropriate to call him Domingo – and as we already have Santos, together they are called Santo(s) Domingo 🙂

Domingo is still a puppy in horse years, he’s learning, playing and getting used to being a horse basically. He’s discovering how to play with humans, he doesn’t always mind your feet (ouch!) and he LOVES to be brushed!

nature retreat with animals


Queen of the night a.k.a Katinka, a Russian name meaning “pure”.

She was rescued out of the hands of Sardinian shepherd and changed hands for 5 time before she ended with me. She indeed has a very pure character, which also means she is not easily dominated or intimidated as normal dogs. She stands closer to her primal instincts and is used to doing things her own way. She is a mix between a Caucasian Shepherd and a Maremmano. She has a wonderful motherly character, cleans and polishes everyone, including cats, humans and Santos the horse. At night she strolls to guard the property… and no one will ever dare come in uninvited.

nature retreat with animals


Gaia is a rescue pup from the centre of Rome. I warn you… do NOT be fooled by this innocent look as she is a little monster.

She is a dare devil with a huge heart. She loves to play, to cuddle and has an unlimited supply of energy. She often accompanies me on my rides in the woods. In fact she runs 30 km without any issue.

If your sock, slipper or underwear is missing —> look for this face and you shall find the culprit 🙂

nature retreat with animals


A.k.a Sac à Puces or Flea Bag.

She appeared out of nowhere in Malaga on my doorstep. A little bundle of joy, very fond of humans, playful yet emaciated and full of fleas. I called a rescue to take her in, which was possible but only after 6 days…

Of course when the day came closer that I would have to bring her over – my heart resisted and I finally gave in… sigh….welcome Zazou… nr 5 of the gang (omg! – and the last:-)

nature retreat with animals


Dodo’s name is derived from a Dutch expression “Dappere Dodo” (not after the extinct bird 😉 which means brave Dodo.

When I found Dodo on the streets of Santiago de Chile, he was 5 weeks old, lost and on his own, with 80 ticks. He nearly died 3 times over the next few days but he survived and grew into the macho Alpha dog of our pack! Dappere Dodo!! He is the athlete of the bunch and his character is balanced, generous, faithful and extremely sensitive to moods/energies.

Ready to get started on my nature retreat for women?

Join me on this transformative journey towards personal and business success.

Let’s giddy up and get into the driver’s seat of your life!