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Hi! I’m Suzi, an ambitious entrepreneur and business coach, specialising in life and business coaching, who thrives on high standards and refuses to settle. I bring a unique blend of honesty, directness, and playfulness to the table. With a pragmatic and spiritual mindset, I embody the qualities of a true SIGMA female: strong, confident, assertive, and self-reliant.

Adventures and new experiences fuel my passion, and I consider myself my own best client. Let me share my personal wisdom, creative insights, and life experiences to provide you with a valuable shortcut on your journey of growth and success.

Business Coaching

Languages spoken

I am fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch.

Countries lived in

Mexico, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Chile, and Italy.

Qualifications & certifications

  • Marketing and Business Strategy – Marie Forleo’s Business School – USA
  • Personal Resilience Coaching – Institute for Life Coach Training – Personal Resilience Coaching – USA
  • Professional Coach & Leadership Training Program – Co-Active Training Institute – CTI – UK
  • Family Constellations & Systemic Coaching with Horses – Instituto Anaue-Teino – Brasil & Wind Organizatieontwikkeling – Netherlands
  • M.A. European Law & Policy – University of Portsmouth – UK
Business Coaching Journey

My business coach journey

Did you know my nickname is Suzi MacGyver? Yep, that’s what they call me – the creative and pragmatic mastermind who can build fire and find solutions like magic. But guess what? My true superpower lies in connecting with people from all walks of life.

In 2008, my entrepreneurial journey began with the creation of my Boutique Tour Company in Chile. I led horseback trips through Chile’s breathtaking Andes, crafted tailor made wine tours and other adventures and later hosted guests at my charming Italian B&B. Clients felt comfortable sharing their life stories with me, which inspired me to explore how I could utilize this gift to make a more meaningful impact.

My life has been filled with adventure, unconventional choices and bold decisions, aligned with my soul’s growth journey, rather than complying with societal expectations. I work 100% online since 2015.

Flower shape

Lessons in life

The bold decisions that shaped my present

Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur and business coach, including in my personal life, I’ve encountered transformative experiences that have shaped me in profound ways.

Losing my savings to someone whose actions didn’t match their words taught me the value of financial independence. Rejecting marriage proposals and leaving an emotionally abusive relationship empowered me with the understanding of self-worth and the importance of setting boundaries.

Moreover, encounters with individuals who seemed like knights in shining armor revealed to me that my life ultimately lies in my own hands, and ONLY I hold the power to create my own playground for happiness, success, and fulfilment. And establishing a company on a different continent during a previous digital age (2008), with no Canva, Squarespace, or WhatsApp, taught me creativity and resilience.

Through self-care, self-leadership, and prioritizing my emotional and physical well-being, I’ve learned how to connect with my inner self and foster personal growth.

Business Coaching Consultant

My timeline

Business Coaching



Began my Personal Growth Journey.

Moved to Spain between 2 lockdowns with Suzi’s Ark.

Business Coaching


Started working with the Dutch Business Coaching Academy for Female Entrepreneurs.


Designed the Online Consulting Experience for Exploring with Suzi, blending my entrepreneurial expertise and life coaching through a Holistic Approach. Found my Dream Home in the Spanish Mountains and built the in-person retreat.

Business Coaching


I left my political career in Brussels to seek adventure and freedom in Chile, and started my Boutique Tour Company.

Business Coaching


Relocated to Italy with 4 rescue dogs & 2 cats. Became an Online Entrepreneur, managing my Chilean Tour Company from Europe. Started my B&B in the woods near Rome.

Business Coaching



Moved to Spain between 2 lockdowns with Suzi’s Ark.

Began my Personal Growth Journey.

Business Coaching Approach

My approach as a Business Coach

Throughout my life and in my journey as a business coach, discovered the value of blending my 15 years of entrepreneurial expertise with Life Coaching. By supporting women in various areas, including business development, purpose and vision discovery, decluttering life, and navigating personal challenges like relationships, family struggles, burnout, and ADHD, I witnessed the power of a holistic approach.

I firmly believe that personal and professional spheres are intertwined, impacting overall well-being. Mindset, resilience, perseverance, and effective time and energy management are vital to success. I offer a comprehensive holistic consulting service, viewing each woman as a unified entity with unique needs, aspirations, and goals.

Together, we create a blueprint to success that encompasses both personal and professional dimensions, fostering a fulfilling and balanced life.

My methodology focuses on the five R’s:

  • Reframe your perspectives
  • Renew your sense of purpose
  • Regain control over your priorities
  • Reprogramme your mindset
  • Build Resilience

Like a flower needs different elements at each stage of growth, so do you. Embrace my holistic approach that seamlessly blends consulting, coaching, mentoring, and strategic planning with my life and business programs.

Together, we’ll explore your personal growth journey with experience as a business coach for women, tailored to your unique needs. Experience the transformative power of spirituality, mindfulness, personal development, business skills, strategy, and creativity.

mandala 3

I have a vision… and a mission

As a dreamer, I believe in a world that’s beautiful, fair, and equitable for everyone – from women to men, animals to nature. A world free from wars and inequality, with less politics, and an abundance of healthy food and happy homesteads.

I believe when women are empowered to lead the way in peacekeeping and in business, we can create this brighter future. This world is balanced by the female energy of love, nature, freedom, intuition, peace and spirituality. I’m here to inspire and guide women like you to become informed, educated, and prepared to shape this new world.

Want to be part of it? A better world starts with a better YOU.

My business coaching team



Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Design Specialist

Eve specialises in creating marketing strategies for female entrepreneurs, generating leads, and captivating user experiences. Her focus is on data and generating tangible results, and fosters an innovative space for collaboration.

She guides our clients with the essential tools and transformative strategies needed to thrive in a competitive business landscape. The services she provides include social media management, paid ads, email marketing, SEO, graphic design, and web design.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and animals, spends her summers singing and playing violin to up to 10k people per night, and lives each winter on a beautiful remote island in Southern Thailand.

Business Coaching Team
Business Coaching Team


Editor, Copywriter, Academic Writer & Creative thinker

Fran is a multi-talented artist based in Chile, juggling various creative roles with finesse. As an illustrator and tattoo artist, she adds her artistic touch to the world. Her inquisitive nature and insatiable curiosity keep her mind ever-engaged.

Working from the comfort of her home, Fran embraces the delightful chaos that her beloved cat Pan brings with his playful ginger cat antics and fascination with houseplants. Together, they create an inspiring environment that fuels her artistic pursuits.


Negotiations Expert, Business Owner, and Coach

Linda is a formidable Negotiator and Strategist. Having navigated a predominantly male-dominated environment throughout her life, she now devotes herself to empowering women to assert themselves confidently.

With a wealth of experience, she equips women with valuable tips and insights to excel in challenging situations, enabling them to seize opportunities and achieve their best outcomes.

As a devoted mother of two grown daughters, Linda resides in the USA, where she finds joy in cooking, weightlifting, running, and spending peaceful moments by the lake.

Business Coaching Team
Business Coaching Team


Health Coach & Naturopath

Meet Annabelle, British by origin, living in Italy for over 20 years embracing La Dolce Vita together with her husband and 2 young daughters.

She gives guidance and practical tips to women to improve their physical and emotional health by using natural methods such as plant based remedies, whole foods and holistic self-care techniques.


Shopify Web Design & Shopify Email Marketing Expert

Meet Thisja, a digital Dutch expat based in the enchanting island of Bali, Indonesia. As an experienced Shopify Expert, Thisja specializes in Shopify Web Design and Shopify Email Marketing. Basically, fully optimising the shopping experience for your brand, product or service.

Thisja skillfully combines her passion for design with an adventurous spirit, exploring the world while making the most of her career. In her free time, she makes illustrations, loves learning to surf in the ocean and admiring breathtaking sunsets with a fresh coconut in hand.

Business Coaching Team
Business Coaching Team


Business Coach, Life Coach, Entrepreneur

Suzi is Dutch by origin, living currently in Spain. She’s lived in 10 countries all over the world so far, loves nature and her animals. Suzi gives strategic guidance, tools and tips to ambitious women reaching the next level in their personal and professional growth journeys.

In her free time she likes to take her horses for a ride into the mountains, swim, walk her dogs and practice yoga.

When you sign up for 1:1 coaching, you can request a combination of sessions with any of our team members to take advantage of their fields of expertise.

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