‘The Right Foundation for the Right Business’ Workbook Program

You are about to head on a transformative journey that combines your deepest business aspirations with practical, actionable steps. This training is designed to help you design your dream business and then meticulously reverse-engineer it to actionable plans, starting today.

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About Suzi

Your Co-Pilot on The Path to Personal and Business Success with Business Coaching

I’m Suzi, a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor, and I have been where you are now. I’ve navigated the challenges of building businesses from the ground up.

My approach combines practical strategies with empathetic mentoring to guide you through each step of your business journey.

Workbook Modules

Mindset Workbook

Mindset: Resilience and Vision

In this foundational module, we go deep into the psychological aspects of entrepreneurship.

You will explore and refine your entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on resilience, motivation, and vision.

We’ll work through exercises that help identify limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones, ensuring you are mentally prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities of business ownership.

Business Model: Structuring for Success

Your business model is the framework upon which your entire business will be built. This module guides you through the process of creating a scalable and sustainable business model.

Learn how to analyze market trends, identify customer needs, and develop a value proposition that sets you apart from competitors.

We’ll also explore various business model frameworks, helping you select the one best suited for your goals.

Your Offer: Creating Compelling Products and Services

What you offer is the heart of your business. This module helps you develop a clear and compelling product or service that meets the needs of your target market.

We’ll cover how to refine your offerings through customer feedback, competitive analysis, and market testing. Additionally, you will learn how to package and price your products/services to maximize both appeal and profitability.

Marketing: Strategies for Engagement and Growth

Marketing is key to your business’s visibility and customer acquisition.

In this module, you will learn how to create a marketing strategy that aligns with your business values and speaks directly to your ideal customers.

We’ll explore different marketing channels, from traditional to digital, and how to use content, social media, and email marketing to build relationships and drive sales.

Web & Tech: Your Digital Tools

Today’s businesses thrive on technology.
This module covers the essential web and tech tools you need to streamline your operations and enhance customer interactions.

From choosing the right website platform to understanding basic SEO and the use of social media tools, you’ll gain a practical understanding of how to effectively utilize technology in your business.

Business Coaching for independent women

Growth: Strategies for Long-Term Success

Sustainable growth is crucial for long-term business success. This module focuses on growth strategies that are scalable and adaptable.

Learn about customer retention techniques, expansion opportunities, and how to manage growth to ensure stability. We’ll also discuss the importance of personal growth as a business owner and how to continue learning and adapting in a changing market.

Bonus Material

How to Have Sales Conversations:

This bonus section is designed to transform the way you think about sales. Instead of the traditional sales pitch, you’ll learn how to engage in meaningful conversations that naturally lead to sales. We’ll cover techniques for building rapport, understanding customer needs, and how to close a sale without feeling pushy.

How to Create a Lead-Magnet:

Lead magnets are essential tools for building your email list and attracting potential customers. In this bonus material, you’ll learn how to create compelling lead magnets that provide value and pique the interest of your target audience. We’ll discuss different types of lead magnets, how to tailor them to your audience, and tips for promoting them effectively to maximize lead capture.

Why This Workbook?

Tailored Guidance:
Step-by-step exercises tailored to women entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their businesses.

Designed to transform ideas into action, ensuring that every thought and strategy is implemented to its fullest potential.

Community Support:
Access to an exclusive community that provides ongoing support, feedback, and networking opportunities.

Why This Workbook

As an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, I’ve learned the importance of a structured approach, guidance from someone who’s been there, and the power of community.

Inspired by Richard Branson’s philosophy, “Screw it, let’s do it!” I’m here to provide that gentle push to get you moving forward.

I’ll share tools, techniques, and personal insights to ensure you build a solid foundation for your business.

Suzanne L’Ami

Business Coach

What our clients say…
Business Coaching Client

“I am absolutely thrilled with my coaching experience with Suzanne from Exploring with Suzi!
Our collaboration has really delivered visible results for my company.

More customers and I have been able to position myself as a specialist. Her guidance helped me to clearly define my goals and to take concrete steps to achieve them.

What I love most about working with Suzanne was her ability to listen and deeply understand my needs.”

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