Mindset, Self Insight and Positive Thinking

Powerful Questions to Yourself

Mindset: Choosing Positive Thoughts and Beliefs

Your mindset shapes how you approach life. It influences your happiness, success, relationships with others and yourself, emotional wellbeing, and the overall fulfillment of your existence. Your mindset directly impacts your behavior. If you desire personal growth, improved behavior, and a higher quality of life, it’s necessary to modify your way of thinking and beliefs. If your current reality doesn’t resonate with you, initiating change must start from within. Once you start to change your way of thinking, the world around you and people will respond accordingly. Our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and outcomes are interconnected.

Let me explain: When something happens, you have a thought about it, and that thought gives you a certain feeling. If you manage to change that thought, you can also change the feeling about it. And this is what they mean when they speak about limiting beliefs: people often think that they are not good enough, that they will fail, that they are not lovable etc. And subconsciously, these thought patterns or inner dialogues have a significant impact on your emotions, actions, and the energy you radiate. The same goes for those around you, you feel the energy they radiate. Everything in this world is energy, even our thoughts and words. When you are on this path of “awakening” and you feel you are on a different path than the people around you, understand that you cannot change them, only how closely you engage with their negativity.

Affirmations: Shaping Your Way of Thinking

“Autosuggestions” or “Affirmations” are statements we create for ourselves, either negative or positive. These affirmations can help reprogram our brain positively, flooding it with uplifting thoughts to boost our energy and self-confidence. Remember, if you don’t believe in your project, who else will?

Many individuals tend to dwell on the past, getting caught up in “what ifs” or “I should haves.” Yet, the past cannot be changed. However, you can alter your emotional connection to the past and cease being a victim. This empowers us to embrace the present, enjoy our current accomplishments, and grab the opportunity to design our future.

Writing down your positive thoughts or affirmations, and repeating them again and again, your subconscious brain will pick up on them and start to work on it, or start to “vibrate on the same energy level”. Consider your subconscious mind to a fertile garden. If you don’t plant the seeds of what YOU want to grow, weeds get the opportunity.

Connection Between Body & Mind

When we engage in thoughts or speech that are angry, judgmental, or critical, specific chemicals known as neuropeptides are released. These neuropeptides act as messengers that traverse our body whenever we think or speak, and they can have a suppressive impact on our immune system.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that when you’re very angry, you might develop a sore throat. This relationship between our body and mind was extensively explored and explained by Louise Hay as far back as 1976, during a time when such concepts were relatively uncommon.

In 1999, a Japanese businessman named Dr. Masuru Emoto published volumes of research about crystalline water cells within our bodies. This work, titled “Messages from Water,” showcased photographs of frozen water crystals. His central theory proposed that water cells can be influenced by both positive and negative emotions. He believed that there’s a direct connection between our emotions, energies, thoughts, and our health, given that our bodies are composed of about 80% water. This theory found support through images of frozen ice crystals exposed to various emotions. Dr. Emoto also conducted the 30-day rice experiment.

Introduced to this theory by my brother, we embarked on the 30-day rice experiment ourselves. We cooked a batch of rice and divided it into three equally sterile jars. We spoke loving words to one jar, yelled insults at the second one, and ignored the third, leaving it in an out-of-the-way place.

To my surprise, after 30 days, the jar treated with love remained in perfect condition. The jar subjected to negative energy was covered in green mold, and the rice in the “forgotten” jar turned black.

This experiment provides food for thought about how our thoughts can impact our bodies.

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